Centre des Congrès | Val d’Isère
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Val d’Isère

Val d’Isère, an international ski resort famous around the globe for its amazing skiing area offering a wide variety of slopes suitable for all levels of skiers from beginners to experts.


It is situated in an ideal location forming a unique site, along with Tignes. Together they offer marvelous snow conditions, 300 km of marked runs and 89 ski lifts.


Skiing is high on the list of priorities whether you enjoy recreational skiing or racing in the tracks of legends such as Henri Oreiller, Jean Claude Killy of course and more recently Ingrid Jacquemod. The resort is also famous as host to many prestigious races such as the annual “Criterium de la Premiere Neige” World Cup events, the 1992 Winter Olympic Games and the 2009 World Alpine Ski Championships.


Val d’Isère is also a village at heart with its origins dating back over several centuries. The architectural heritage is well preserved and embellished as the years pass. The local church dates back to the 11th century, the steeple was erected in 1664 and the traditional dwellings are built in stone and wood with double-sided, slated roofs.


Last but not least the night life in Val d’Isère is full of surprises and there are many legendary spots where the party never stops….


Peace of mind in Val d’Isère this summer!

1- Put your mind at rest, we’ll take care of everything…


We will be making every effort to offer you and your family a safe environment. Every aspect of your stay in Val d’Isère is being rethought in order to protect your wellbeing and guarantee maximum safety.


Ski lift operations as well as other activities requiring a use of any equipment will be subject to the application of strict hygiene measures: social distancing, compulsory face covering, equipment disinfection after every use, disinfection of protection materials, contactless payments, indoor floor signage, installation of plexiglass barriers in all public areas. Reservation is necessary, more information.


  • Tourist Office

The Tourist Office welcomes you daily from 8.30am to 7.30pm during the summer season (until 30 August).

To keep you safe, we have introduced the following measures for your visit to the reception:


  • Wearing a mask is recommended
  • Hydroalcoholic gel dispenser at the entrance
  • Displaying of protective measures and social distancing
  • Traffic direction signs for customers within the Tourist Office
  • One metre safety distances marked out on the ground
  • Plexiglas protection between customers and the reception team
  • Instruction to take away any brochure you touch, or download the flashcode to view them online
  • Disinfectant spray and towels available for cleaning equipment used in the children’s corner

Aquasportif Center will open on June 15th, with sanitary restrictions.


Our events and entertainments have been reorganised to limit exposure through a reduced number of participants, additional timeslots and visits, social distancing and mandatory face covering.

This unprecedented situation has boosted our creativity and innovative spirit. We have created new events especially for this rather unique summer. This year we will be promoting


  • Our beautiful natural environment, explore and protect,
  • Our rich heritage,
  • And your wellbeing

Even though we have had to postpone some of our high-profile summer events until the next year (Chamois Rally, Odlo High Trail Vanoise, Electric and Hybrid Motor Show etc) in order to safeguard your heath, our welcoming village will be offering an even more relaxing and reassuring traditional Alpine holiday in a unique and beautiful environment.


2- Sleep tight!

Val d’Isère’s accommodation providers, business and shop keepers are committed to:


  • Ensuring your security through enhanced cleaning and disinfection procedures of their premises prior to and during your visit,
  • Respecting social distancing recommendations,
  • Providing you with hygiene kits (face masks and plexiglass covers),
  • Offering more flexible cancellation terms :

free cancellation up to 7 days prior to arrival.

free cancellation up to 48 hours prior to arrival for bookings of up to 3 rooms maximum.

More information on refuge sanitary conditions


  • BY CAR

    BY CAR

    Autoroute A43 jusqu'à Albertville | 2X2 voies jusqu'à Moutiers | D902 direction Bourg Saint Maurice | Val d'Isère



    The nearest train station Val d'Isère is Bourg St Maurice train station (30km). It is served by many high-speed trains including TGV, Eurostar, Thalys.

  • BY BUS

    BY BUS

    Shuttles departing regularly in the winter of Bourg Saint Maurice train station. Journey time: 40 min.



    220 Km de Val d’Isère – Trajet : 3h30 en bus T.+33 4 72 22 72 21



    130 Km de Val d’Isère – Trajet : 3h30 en bus T.+33 4 79 54 49 54



    180 Km de Val d’Isère – Trajet : 4h30 en bus T.+41 22 717 71 11