Centre des Congrès | Hôtel Les Cinq Frères
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Hôtel Les Cinq Frères


Welcome to your family home in Val d’Isère

Between the church and the tourist office, close to the slopes, you are in the heart of the old village of Val d’Isère.


you enter as at home, you find, year after year, an atmosphere, a spirit, smells, furniture, people that you love.

From the single room to the privatized floor, with a dining room, a library lounge, a cellar, games rooms for fun … and even a kitchen to prepare good cakes or saute some pancakes. .. You are at home !

More informations : official site l’hôtel Les Cinq Frères
Technical Form : Maison de famille 5 frères
Contact : contact@les5freres.com