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Tailor-made services

Whether you’re looking for cosy or picturesque surroundings, Val d’Isère specialises in authenticity with a warm welcome and traditional Savoyard surroundings where peace and quiet reigns.

Val d’Isère has 28 hotels and residences offering more than 1050 rooms of varying categories. Enjoy the comfort and service offered by the wide range of establishments available to choose from. With a selection ranging from traditional to contemporary, we are sure that there is something to suit every requirement.


  • 9 ***** hotels (388 rooms)
  • 2 ***** residences (96 apartments)
  • 5 **** hotels (257 rooms)
  • 9 *** hotels (334 rooms & 7 lodges)
  • 3 ** hotels (71 rooms)


A wide range of lunches, dinners, cocktails and tea/coffee breaks are on offer.


Your buffets, cocktails and tea/coffee breaks :

Our catering services are provided by award-winning pastry chef Patrick Chevallot (Meilleur Ouvrier de France).

Our experienced staff may assist you in your choice in creating the perfect break.


Val d’Isère’s restaurants

300 years of history have fashioned the local culture. The resort possesses a taste for the essential; it holds the secret of hospitality.


Intimate tea rooms, Savoyard speciality restaurants, cosy wine bars or elegant gastronomic hotel restaurants. By nurturing the bon vivant aspect of its character blended with the locals’ natural discretion, the village has preserved its heart and soul.


Our Michelin-starred chefs promote the local culture and produce through their cuisine. Their gift raises French gastronomy to new heights, all for the pleasure of your taste buds.

Benoît Vidal, with 3 stars to his name, has taken over the kitchens of the “Atelier d’Edmond”

Antoine Gras has just been awarded his first Michelin star and daily rewrites a sublime menu at Les Barmes de l’Ours.